AIRKinect 2 Point Cloud Features

I’d like to share some work I’ve been doing on the point cloud for the upcoming AIRKinect 2 release. We haven’t spent much attention at the point cloud in the previous releases, but we’ll be adding some interesting stuff.

One new feature will be the option to specify a density for the point cloud. This way you can lower the dataset – for example, only get each 4th point instead of all points – and get faster running results (although it runs fast in release builds). We’re also looking at adding RGB information to the point cloud, so you don’t see white dots, but you see the dots, matching the RGB colors from the camera.

We’d also like to add interactivity to the point cloud. For this, we’re adding a feature called “point cloud regions”, which enable you to specify 3D regions, where you can track the number of dots. This counting will happen on the C side of the extension, so it doesn’t slow down your actionscript code. With this point count, you could add triggers as soon as a certain amount of points is reached within a region. This way, you don’t need to do full skeleton tracking to create interactive applications.

I hope you like what we’ve got lined up!



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