Resume: NGP includes “Flash Social Networking system”   


Back in February, Sony has said it dropped its XMB user interface from NGP so touchscreen controls could be added along with the “the social neworking factor”: today, a Flash/PHP developer’s resume has popped up showing this social networking system is Flash-based.
    早在二月,索尼就曾说过NGP的XMB界面中有条件让NGP添加“社交因子”项目:今天,一个Flash/ PHP开发者已经展示出了这个基于Flash的社交网络系统。

According to the resume of Brian Clarke, between November 2009 and the present he’s been working on a “Flash Social Networking system” for “Sony PSP2 prototype.”

Flash is really nothing new to Sony handhelds: it’s been compatible with PSP since 2006.

Speaking in the February issue of Edge, Sony dev boss Shuhei Yoshida said the firm wanted to make NGP “very social network orientated,” as there are “lots of fun games on Facebook, for example.”

He added: “We wanted to integrate the social networking factor, the potential for friends to join in, interact at any moment.

“We wanted the entire screen to be part of that experience.”

Sony’s E3 press conference takes place Monday evening, with NGP expected to play a central role.


A lot of sites went live with impressions of the handheld and its launch line-up yesterday, but, unfortunately, it seems Sony is keeping a lot of what’s running under the hood hidden for the time being.

Thanks, Klaxusprime.



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