Flash Player 11 Incubator Program (Flash Player 11 孵化器计划)

Did you see the news yesterday? Flash Player 11 which includes the Molehill 3D apis, is now available to the general public as part of Adobe’s new incubator program. Get Flash Player 11 here now!.

你是否看了昨天的新闻(抱歉,我才看到,所以昨天应该就是2011.2.27)?包含Molehill 3D  api的Flash Player 11现在可以作为Adobe 新的孵化器计划的公开部分下载。Get Flash Player 11 here now!.

Then experience it within the links below:下面是一些它的表现例子

3D Racer

3D MAX Racer Game

Zombie Tycoon

Zombie Tycoon Game.

Shallow Water Demo

Away3D Shallow Water Demo

Quake 3 demo

Quake 3 demo

What is the incubator program? Here are some FAQ’s from Adobe.  //什么是孵化计划?这里是来自 Adobe的关于此孵化器计划的答疑。

FAQ: Adobe® AIR® and Flash® Player Incubator // 常见问题:关于Adobe® AIR® 和 Flash® Player 孵化器

1. What is the Adobe AIR and Flash Player Incubator? //什么是关于Adobe® AIR® 和 Flash® Player 孵化器?
The Adobe AIR and Flash Player Incubator is a place for our runtimes product teams to share new features that are either under development or under consideration for inclusion in future versions of the runtimes. Unlike our beta releases, capabilities that you see in the Incubator builds may or may not be supported in future releases of the runtimes.

关于Adobe® AIR® 和 Flash® Player 孵化器 是一个我们运行环境团队用于展示未来有可能会考虑添加的功能的地方,这不同于测试版本,因为现在我们添加的功能,在未来的运行环境中未必会加入

2. Who is this Incubator program for?  //孵化器计划针对谁?
This program is especially suitable for more adventurous developers who are willing to experiment with software features in early development stages and may or may not be included in future product releases.



3. Why does Adobe have an Incubator program? //为什么Adobe要有这样一个计划
Adobe’s product development philosophy is to engage in an open exchange and involve our community of passionate developers in early stages of the development cycle. Your feedback is critical to our on-going innovation efforts for the Flash Platform.


4. What’s the difference between the Incubator program and the beta program? //孵化计划与测试计划有什么不同
While the goals of both programs are similar — get early feedback from the developer community, the key differences include:


– The Incubator program allows us to get a community of developers involved in a much earlier development stage than what we do in the beta program.

– The Incubator program will be focused on a collection of new features that may or may not make into any future releases, where as the beta program allows developers to experience and evaluate an upcoming release that has reached the feature-complete stage.


5. What should I expect from the Incubator program? //我应该对孵化计划有什么期待
We plan to release new Flash Player or AIR Incubator builds on a regular basis. To get updates on new builds and features, please subscribe to the RSS feed on Adobe runtimes release blog. These are early builds of AIR or Flash Player and may not be as stable as a final release. However, the current released features should still work as expected. Please file bugs for new features highlighted in the Incubator and new bugs for current released features. The availability of AIR and Flash Player and supported OS and platforms may vary on the downloads page between updates to this program.

我们计划定期推出新的Flash Player或AIR孵化器。要获取新版本和功能,请订阅及更新在Adobe的运行时版本博客的RSS。这是早期版本的AIR或Flash Player,不会想最终版本那么稳定。然而,目前发布的功能仍然正常工作。请在提交的时候标明孵化器的BUG,以及当前发布的功能的新功能的bug。AIR和Flash Player的可用性和支持的操作系统都会在下载页面做更新。

6. Why should I participate in the Incubator program?//为什么我要参与孵化计划
The Incubator program provides you the opportunity to get an early look at what our engineers are developing for two of the most ubiquitous runtime technologies in the world. By being an active participant in the program, you’ll be able to influence the future of the leading runtime technologies with the Adobe engineering team.


7. Who will read my comments and answer my questions?//有人读我的意见和回答我的问题吗?
Your feedback is very important to us. Your comments and questions will be read and answered by Adobe engineers who are responsible for these features.


8. What will happen to these features?//未来将会发生什么?
These features are under development or under consideration for future releases. Depending on the feedback we get from the community, some of these features will be incorporated into future releases of the runtimes.


9. I have ideas for new features, who do I talk to? //我有一个好点子,我跟谁说?
We welcome new ideas from the community. Please submit your ideas to us athttp://bugs.adobe.com/flashplayer/




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