Flash Player 10.1 和 AIR 2 手机预览视频

HTC HD2 and Nexus One

HTC HD2 demo

Adrian Ludwig demos various Flash video and game sites on two devices manufactured by HTC: HTC HD2 and Nexus One (4:14)

NVIDIA Tegra-powered tablet

NVIDIA tablet demo

Mobile World Congress 2010, NVIDIA showcases Flash Player 10.1 and
Adobe AIR on a Tegra-powered tablet device by way of a slick digital
magazine experience (4:40)

Dell Mini 5 tablet

Dell tablet demo

Alan Tam shows a sneak peek of Flash content running on the Dell Mini 5, an upcoming touch-based tablet (3:35)

Adobe AIR for mobile on Droid

Droid demo

Kevin Hoyt demos various Adobe AIR apps—Tweetbox, South Park, Acrobat Connect Pro—using the Motorola Droid (3:30)

Games on Palm Pre

Palm Pre games demo

Ludwig demos various games from Armor Games and Miniclip.com with Flash
Player 10.1 on Palm webOS using the Palm Pre (3:44)

iPhone apps built with Flash

iPhone apps demo

Ludwig demos iPhone applications, including Boost Your Brain, Digg
Pics, and Acrobat Connect Pro—all built with a pre-release Adobe Flash

Motorola Droid

Motorola Droid demo

Ludwig demos video and animation on the BBC, The New York Times, and
Angry Alien websites on Android using the Motorola Droid (3:35)

iPhone games built with Flash

iPhone games demo

Ludwig of Adobe demonstrates a couple of iPhone games and applications
that were built using the next version of Flash (3:11)



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