ColdFusion 9 和 ColdFusion Builder 来袭

Preview the new features in ColdFusion 9:

预览ColdFusion 9新特征:

  • Office file interoperability to easily read, write and update spreadsheets
  • 轻松读写 Office 文件以及更新电子表格
  • Server Manager to centrally manage multiple ColdFusion servers, simplifying administration of your environment across clusters
  • 服务器管理员通过中央服务器管理多台ColdFusion服务器,很容易跨集群管理你的环境。
  • ColdFusion as a Service to access ColdFusion services through AMF and SOAP without writing CFCs
  • ColdFusion 不需要写CFC就可以通过AMF和SOAP来访问ColdFusion服务。
  • Built in Adobe AIR Local/Remote Database Synchronization
  • 内置Adobe AIR本地/远程 数据库同步
  • Object Relational Mapping to build database independent applications without writing SQL
  • 用对象关系地图建立数据独立应用,无须写SQL
  • New AJAX controls including multimedia, mapping and more
  • 新的AJAX控件,包括多媒体,地图以及更多
  • Enhanced Caching to improve performance of your ColdFusion applications
  • 增强型高速缓存以提高性能的ColdFusion应用

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