Adobe, Intel 联手开发针对Intel Media Processor CE 3100的应用技术


(RTTNews) –  Design
software company Adobe Systems Inc. (ADBE:
News ) and
chipmaker Intel Corp. (INTC:
News ) Monday
revealed plans to collaborate on the development to port and optimize Adobe
Flash technology for the Intel Media Processor CE 3100.

Adobe Systems Inc
。(ADBE: News )集成芯片Intel公司。(INTC: News )星期一透露合作开发应用于Intel多媒体处理器CE 3100上的Adobe

The effort is expected to provide consumers with richer and more seamless
web-based and video viewing experiences through advanced Intel-based cable
set-top boxes, Blu-ray Disc players, digital TVs and retail connected AV


A statement said the high-definition capabilities of the Adobe Flash Platform,
together with the Intel Media Processor CE 3100, the first in a new family of
purpose-built Intel System on Chips or SoCs for CE devices, creates a powerful
entertainment hub capable of delivering rich web content and Adobe Flash based
applications to an array of Internet-connected CE devices.

声明中,高清晰度能力的Adobe Flash平台,加上Intel多媒体处理器 CE 3100 首先,对于在一个拥有内置英特芯片或系统级芯片上的CE设备的家庭为其建了一个大的娱乐中心,能够提供丰富的网内容和Adobe Flash一系列应用于接的消费电设备的应

Intel and Adobe are working together to optimize the Adobe Flash Player and
Adobe Flash Lite for the CE3100.

Intel Adobe 一同优化工作于CE3100设备上的Adobe Flash Player Adobe Flash Lite

Intel plans to ship the first CE3100 with support for an optimized
implementation of Adobe Flash Lite before mid-2009.

英特尔计发布第一支持Adobe Flash Lite CE3100版本, 2009年年中。





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