Adobe AIR 1.5 (”Cosmo”)已经集成在 Flex SDK Nightly builds

下载地址: Flex SDK nightly builds

新的特性除了更改一些BUG以外,提供很多支持FLASH PLAYER 10的新特性:

  • Flash Player 10 集成

    • 3D Effects and APIs
    • Custom Filters and Effects (Pixel Bender)
    • New Text engine (with support for right to left, and vertical text layout)
    • Drawing API enhancements
    • Updated Saffron engine for font rendering
    • Vector data type (typed Arrays)
    • Enhanced Sound APIs
    • Dynamic video streaming
    • and much more
  • Integration of the SquirrelFish JavaScript VM into the Webkit HTML engine (should provide significant improvements to JavaScript execution)//集成SquirrelFish JavaScript虚拟机到Webkit HTML引擎中。对JAVASCRIPT性能有重要提升。
  • Support for new languages(支持新的语言版本)
    • Swedish
    • Dutch
    • Czech
    • Polish
    • Turkish
  • Encrypted Local / SQLite databases 本地数据库/SQLite 加密
  • Lots of bugs fixes and stability improvements, including the uber-annoying 一些BUG的修复以及稳定性提升



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