mysql innodb 问题解决

在LINUX上正常的SQL语句到WINDOWS下有mysql innodb问题

mysql> create table table1 (id int,name varchar(20));
ERROR 1289 (HY000): The ‘InnoDB’ feature is disabled; you need MySQL built with ‘InnoDB’ to have it working
Step 1. Stop MySQL service
Step 2. Delete files:
MySQL安装目录MySQL Server 5.0dataib_logfile*
C:MySQL Datafilesibdata*
Step 3:打开my.ini 找到 skip-innodb 并在其前加’#’号
Step 4: Restart MySQL service
MySQL InnoDB needs to create both DATA and LOGS at the same time — it says this in the log file output. So if you don’t delete both data and log files at the same time when it starts up it will fail to create the InnoDB database files properly and InnoDB will show up as DISABLED rather than DEFAULT (when using "show engines").



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