Java 3D 已经开源了

Javae 3D API是作为复杂三维图形和声音渲染系统的接口的一系列层次的JAVA类的统称。开发员可以用Java3D开发创建和操纵3D图形对象的高端应用。
Java3D项目由多个子项目组成主要包括:j3d-core(Java3D API的核心), vecmath(3D矢量数学包)与j3d-core-utils(Java3D核心utilitie),Java3D VRML97 Loader等,现在j3d-core和vecmath已经开源了,将采用GPLv2 with the Classpath exception许可授权。


FourByFour is a three dimensional game of tic-tac-toe on a 4x4x4 cube.
A simple rotating cube HelloUniverse a simple rotating cube.

A program to test off-screen rendering and printingPrintCanvas3D a program to test off-screen rendering and printing.
Displays a list of 3D properties in a text panelQueryProperties displays a list of 3D properties in a text panel.

A simple moving sphereSphereMotion a simple moving sphere.

    Advanced Texture Mapping Examples

    The following examples use advanced texture mapping features. They should run on most graphics cards, although they may not run on some older cards:

    A bump mapping exampleDOT3Demo a bump mapping example.
    A non-power-of-two texture exampleTextureImageNPOT a non-power-of-two texture example.

    Sound Examples using JOALMixer

    The following examples use JOALMixer to render Java 3D Sound nodes. You will need a sound card and speakers or headphones in order to hear the sound for these examples. JOALMixer is supported on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

    BackgroundSoundTestBackgroundSoundTest a simple background sound test.
    PointSoundTestPointSoundTest a simple point sound test.

    Programmable Shader Examples

    Programmable shader examples using OpenGL’s GLSL shading language. Note that the following examples require a shader-capable graphics card (for example, an NVidia 6600 or ATI X200).

    An environment mapping exampleEnvironmentMappingGLSL an environment mapping example.
    An example that loads in a .obj file and applies a shaderObjLoadGLSL an example that loads in a .obj file and applies a shader.

    A per-pixel lighting (Phong shading) examplePhongShadingGLSL a per-pixel lighting (Phong shading) example.
    A program illustrating multiple shaders with shader attributesShaderTestGLSL a program illustrating multiple shaders


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