ColdFusion 开源项目列表更新

Modify Excel Spreadsheets with ColdFusion the easy way!
Jason Delmore (yes, the product manager for ColdFusion) has released a component that utilizes the JExcel API within ColdFusion to allow you to create Excel reports programmatically in ColdFusion.

新项目: cfWindow
Introducing CFWindow
Dan Vega has created a tag that wraps some Ext 2.0 functionality to make cfwindow available in ColdFusion 7.

Nabaztag API for Actionscript 3 is released!
Shannon Hicks releases the 1.0 version of the NabaztagAPI and NabaztagExplorer.


2008 Talks (and the Model-Glue show!)
Joe Rinehart will be speaking on Model-Glue 3 (Gesture) at a number of trainings and conferences.

Tutorials, Presentations and Reviews

Learning Flex Part 5: Using ColdSpring AOP to Create Arrays of Value Objects
Brian Kotek uses ColdSpring’s AOP functionality to take a query and convert it to an array of objects for Flex.

ColdSpring and Service Layers: Always Proxy?
Brian Kotek wonders whether always proxying ColdSpring service objects is a good idea to prevent someone from "accidentally" getting the original service object itself.

Bruce Phillips Continues his ongoing series:
The Grade Schooler’s Guide To ColdSpring – Part 2 Flex To ColdSpring
The Grade Schooler’s Guide To ColdSpring – Part 3 Providing Default Values To ColdSpring

Fusebox 101: myFusebox
Nick Tong shows a couple of values within the myFusebox component that can be useful.

Illudium PU-36 Code Generator
Easier than I thought, but not as easy as I thought: Illudium PU-36, Fusebox 5, and ColdSpring
Kay Smoljak tries to use my generator with Russ Johnson’s templates to help her move from procedural Fusebox to OO but runs up against a deadline.

Brian Ghidinelli begins a series of posts covering what he learns rewriting a legacy application in Model-Glue with Transfer and ColdSpring:
Model-Glue Gleanings, Day 1 of 35
Model-Glue Gleanings, Day 2

a model-glue gotcha
Charlie Griefer shares an issue he encountered.

Working with Transfer ORM: An Event Model Example
Paul Marcotte gives a walk-through on using the event model in Transfer to encrypt and decrypt a password field.

The Simplest BlogCFC Post Code
Ben Forta shares his code to allow you to post to BlogCFC via email.



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