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Silverlight                      DEMO


Tour Tracker

FLASH                         DEMO

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Silverlight                    DEMO


FLASH                      DEMO


Silverlight                  DEMO



In Labs: Flex 3 Product Configuator

The configurator is a simple application that allows the user to choose options to create their very own custom bowling shirt. (Built by Teknision)
Read more about it and download the source code.

Flex 3 Dashboard

In Labs: Flex 3 Dashboard

This demo application displays data using a pod layout as well as charts, forms, data grids, links, and multiple behaviors such as drag-and-drop, minimizing and maximizing, and more. (Built by ESRIA)
Read more about it and download the source code.

Flex 3 Network Monitor

In Labs: Flex 3 Network Monitor

This demo application displays devices from a network in multiple views: network topology, device type and grid. Each device thumb displays real-time data and allows a user to click it for additional data. (Built by ESRIA)
Read more about it and download the source code.

Flex 3 Media Widget

In Labs: Flex 3 Media Widget

The Adobe Media Widget is an embeddable media player created in Adobe Flex. It allows you to embed any of the supported media types into a web page. (Built by Teknision)
Read more about it and download the source code.

Flex 3 Component Explorer

In Labs: Flex 3 Component Explorer

Getting familiar with Flex 3? The explorer shows simple usage for MXML components in the Flex 3 framework.

Flex Store: Automation-ready version

This sample demonstrates Automated Testing, part of LiveCycle Data Services ES, with the popular Flex Store application.


Random walk component: Automation-ready sample application

Learn how to instrument the RandomWalk custom component so that your application records your user’s interaction with the component and plays it back using automation tools.


Automation API sample applications

See the new Automation API in action in two new sample apps, which show presentation and recording of metrics, automated testing, co-browsing, and more.

Mark Piller

Invoking .NET objects using the Flex RemoteObject API

Mark Piller (May 14, 2007)
Code this sample .NET application and learn how to integrate your Flex and .NET code, expose .NET classes as Flex remoting services, and invoke a remote method with MXML and ActionScript using AMF3 and RemoteObject API.

Tour Tracker

Adobe Tour Tracker

Watch cyclists race the Amgen Tour of California through this live, real-time Adobe sample app built with Flex and Flash Media Server.

Style Explorer

Style Explorer

See this visual way of selecting style settings for Flex 2 user interface components. (Updated for Flex 2.0.1)

Restaurant Finder

Restaurant Finder

Using REST and SOAP web services, your users can update data in a master-detail type application.

Flex Store

Flex Store

States, transitions, and UI techniques—this app demonstrates the types of user experiences you can create with the Flex.

Component Explorer

Component Explorer

Getting familiar with Flex? The explorer shows simple usage for MXML components in the Flex framework.

Hybrid Store

Hybrid Store

See how to integrates a Flex component into an existing HTML application, and take advantage of expressiveness in Flex 2.

Dashboard sample application


Charts data visually using Flex component effects to highlight users’ actions as they drill deeper into data.

Photo Viewer

Photo Viewer

See how the Flex framework creates a seamless user interface and localizes content.

Adobe Flex

Announcing the Australian Flex Developer Derby winners

Dashboards, configurators, RIA stores, and more—check out the top selections in the Australian coding contest.


Announcing RIAForge.org

Use this new community site to host open source projects built with Adobe technologies—from ColdFusion apps to Photoshop plug-ins to Flash ActionScript libraries.

Derek Wischusen

Integrating Flex 2 and Ruby on Rails

Learn how to use the Ruby on Rails framework with Flex as you build an issue-tracker application.

Sample Template Shop

Sample Template Shop

A shopping cart application that connects to the websites of multiple vendors using httpservice controls. (Alnoor Lalji, Softbytes)



FlexAmp is an online mp3 player that plays songs off a user’s online storage account at Box.net. As the songs play, the application brings in photos, videos and product details from Flickr, YouTube and Amazon based on the ID3 information in the mp3s. (Arpit Mathur, Comcast)



Live Video Mixing Environment using Adobe Flash Player 9. (Daniel Hai, consultant)

Amazon.com API Interface

Amazon.com API Interface

This application is a dynamic interface into a subset of the Amazon.com API (Books, Music, and Video) and explores the features of Flex 2, using MXML primarily for layout and ActionScript 3.0 for functionality. (Darin Kohles, Digital Positions)

Photo Album

Photo Album

A Flex version of a ColdFusion photo album built in 2003, the Flex photo album uses web services to communicate through ColdFusion to the database of albums and images. (Gary Gilbert, Glynn Technologies)

Home Locator

Flex Developer Derby winner – product configurator/guided selling: Home Locator

In Nahuel Faronda’s winning configurator app, users select real estate locations from a US map and filter the results by price, bedrooms, bathrooms.


Flex Developer Derby winner – components and gadgets: SQLAdmin

Kevin Kazmierczak’s winning component app is an online version of query analyzer for Microsoft SQL Server.


Flex Developer Derby winner – data dashboards: StatPods

Rich Tretola’s winning dashboard helps users visualize web visits, page views, session tracking, and more.


Flex Developer Derby winner – Mashups: E41ST

Amit Gupta’s winning mashup with Amazon.com and the Public Library system gives book lovers an enriched browsing experience across the two sites.

Lesson Builder

Flex Developer Derby winner – communication/collaboration applications: Lesson Builder

Tim McLeod and Kevin Harris’s winning collaboration tool helps a group of content editors create Flash-based training modules.


Flex Developer Derby winner – wildcard: FC64

Darron Schall’s winning application sim


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