今天早上打开邮件,惊奇的发现ADOBE的信件,居然是FLASH LITE 3.0版本,哈哈,首次参与测试。不过被ADOBE重视一下很开心。信笺内容如下:

Thank you for your interest in Flash Lite 3.  Attached is the SIS file for Flash Lite 3 developer edition.  We apologize for the delay in the release of FL3 developer edition and we hope you enjoy testing Flash Lite 3.

As a reminder, the Flash Lite 3 developer edition has only been certified for the Nokia N95.  FL3 developer edition is only a standalone player and will allow developers to test and play back SWF files that are published as Flash Lite 3.  Note, the Flash Lite 3 developer edition does not support the mobile phone web browser as a plug-in or other content types such as wallpapers and screensavers.  It is meant only for developers, not for consumers to download. The first mobile phones that will start shipping with Flash Lite 3 pre-installed will be Nokia devices in Q1 2008.

谢谢你对flash lite 3的兴趣 。所附为SIS档案,为FLash Lite开发商版。我们谨此致歉延迟释放fl3开发商版,我们希望您加入flash lite 3  。

作为提醒,flash lite 3开发商版只被认证为诺基亚n95型。 fl3开发商版,只是一个独立的播放器,将允许开发者能够测试和播放档案的公布,作为flash lite 3 。值得注意的是,有flash lite 3开发商版,不支持移动电话网络浏览器作为一个插入式或其他类型的内容,如壁纸和屏保。这意味着不仅对开发商,而不是供消费者下载。第一个与flash lite的3条预先安装将成为诺基亚移动电话将开始出货在1季度到2008年。



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